Intent Journal explores the psychology of fashion and
the impact this influential industry is having on both people and the natural world.

Why are we buying garments without considering where they have come from, or where they end up once they are discarded? How have we become so detached from the production process and those who make our clothes? What changes - in both mindset and behaviour - need to be made in order for us to develop a healthier fashion system?

As a platform that celebrates the role fashion can have in our lives, Intent aims to reconnect the designer, maker, and wearer—encouraging people to value what they buy on a deeper level. Content is shaped by the core messages of the Slow movement and inspires a greater respect for craftsmanship and an understanding of garment lifecycle.

Intent shares the stories of progressive businesses and individuals who are embracing transparency and approaching challenges in innovative and remarkable ways.

Acknowledging that the term ‘ethical fashion’ is subjective and shaped by one's personal values, Intent is not here to tell you how to live or what to buy—simply influence you to consider your social and environmental impact.